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1 minute Martini Manna

This is what we are, in a little more than 60 seconds.
Questo è ciò che siamo, in poco più di 60 secondi.

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The Milan IP Court on the protection of confidential information and the unlawful solicitation of employees

With a preliminary decision of 26 February 2018, the IP Court of Milan recapped the principles governing unfair competition for the violation of confidential information and the unlawful solicitation of employees (docket no. 53629/18, Judge Mrs Giani). We recently mentioned a decision regarding a similar matter here on this […]

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The Court of Justice of the European Union on the anti-competitive practices between Hoffman-La Roche and Novartis

On 23 January, the European Court of Justice (“CJEU”) issued a preliminary ruling upon request by the Italian Council of State in case C-179/16 concerning the interpretation of Article 101 TFEU, in the well-known proceedings between Hoffman-La Roche and Novartis, of the one part, and the Italian competition authority […]

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Barilla wins long pillow fight

Early this year, a three-year long “pillow fight” engaged by Barilla came to an end with a ruling in favour of the Parma food giant (Milan IP Court, decision no. 830/2018 of 25 January 2018).*

In 2014, a small textile business, I. F., started manufacturing throw pillows reproducing the shape […]

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The Court of Milan on the disclosure of court decisions and unfair competition

The recent decision no. 2173/2018 of the IP Court of Milan analysed the compatibility of the disclosure of court decisions, or news related to them, with the unfair competition law, when carried out on the initiative of the interested party (rather than following an order from the Judge, which […]

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The Italian Data Protection Authority finds national postal service in breach of privacy laws

On 16 November 2017, the Italian Data Protection Authority (“Garante”) enjoined Poste Italiane S.p.A., the Italian national postal service, from using a system aimed to organise queues at the counter on the grounds that it was incompatible with data protection laws.

“Gestore Attese” (“Queue Manager”), as the system was called, […]

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Protection of confidential information: the Brescia IP Court confirms that bankrupt companies enjoy protection against unfair competition

(The original Italian version is published on Diritto24 – Il Sole 24 Ore)

A recent order by the IP Court of Brescia (Docket no. 16565/17, Judges Mr Del Porto, Mr Scaffidi and Mrs Agnese) confirmed that bankrupt companies enjoy protection against unfair competition. This is a particularly important ruling at […]

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Patent enforcement in Italy

Here is an article on patent enforcement in Italy written by Elena Martini and published on Financier Worldwide:

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The Cipriani family cannot use its own surname as a trademark, says the Court of Appeal of Venice

On 30 November, the IP Court of Appeal of Venice issued decision no. 2798/17 in a dispute between Giuseppe and Arrigo Cipriani, respectively grandson and son of Giuseppe Cipriani (founder of the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice), and Hotel Cipriani S.r.l., owner of the famed Venetian hotel. The latter […]

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It is lawful to prohibit sales on Amazon to protect a luxury brand, the ECJ says

(The original Italian version is published on Diritto 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore)

On 6 December 2017, the EU Court of Justice (ECJ) issued the already well-known Coty Germany ruling in case C-230/16, which discussed the legitimacy of some clauses of a selective distribution contract adopted in the context […]

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The new Italian bill on corporate whistleblowing and its privacy implications

A bill for the “Protection of individuals reporting crimes or irregularities learnt in the context of a public or private employment relationship”, already rechristened the “whistleblowing law”, was passed by the Italian Parliament on 25 November 2017, and is about to enter into force.

Corporate whistleblowing has been a subject […]

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Domain names: the Milan Chamber of Arbitration rules on so-called “passive holding”

On 18 October 2017, the Milan Chamber of Arbitration decided on a domain names reassignment procedure concerning two ccTLD .it domains, based on the complaint filed by a Belgian company operating in the pharmaceutical e-commerce market. The respondent had registered the two domain names in 2000, but had never […]

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