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Italian Antitrust Authority proceedings lead to binding commitments on misguiding “free” apps

On 30 January 2015 the Italian Antitrust Authority, in accepting commitments made by the parties, closed infringement proceedings relating to allegedly unfair commercial practices carried out by Gameloft, iTunes, Google and Amazon. These practices involved the distribution of an app called “Littlest Pet Shop” (a mobile videogame, designed mainly […]

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TripAdvisor takes a blow from the Italian Antitrust Authority

A few days ago, the Italian Antitrust Authority imposed an administrative fine of € 500,000 on the US company TripAdvisor LLC—owner of the famous tourist reviews portal—and its Italian subsidiary TripAdvisor Italy Srl, for the “dissemination of deceptive information on the sources of the posted reviews, with regard […]

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The Lazio Regional Administrative Court confirms the sanction on Novartis and Roche for anti-competitive practices in relation to Lucentis and Avastin

On 2 December a long-awaited ruling was published, in which the Lazio Regional Administrative Court (“TAR”) decided – dismissing it – on the action brought by Novartis and Roche against the sanction of a 180 million euro fine imposed upon them by the Italian antitrust authority (“AGCM”) for anti-competitive […]

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The French antitrust authority decides on the capsules compatible with Nespresso machines

On 4 September, the French antitrust authority issued its decision (available here) in the proceedings initiated against Nespresso, for allegedly exclusionary practices implemented by Nespresso against competitors producing capsules compatible with its coffee machines. The proceedings ended with the acceptance by the authority of a series of commitments by […]

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The European General Court confirms the sanction against Intel for the abuse of their dominant position

(Written in collaboration with Alberto Bertella)

By judgment of 12 June 2014 in Case T-286/2009, the General Court of the European Union (“EGC”) dismissed Intel’s appeal against the decision of 13 May 2009, by which the European Commission (“EC”) had imposed a fine of EUR 1.06 billion on Intel […]

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