Coronavirus: a practical guide for the management of litigation, intellectual property and contracts

As is known, the Coronavirus emergency is having a powerful impact on Italian companies, with business activities restricted or even prohibited by law. Our law-firm continues to provide clients with the usual assistance, thanks largely to cutting-edge tools that enable us to collaborate remotely without interruption. Below you will […]

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Coronavirus: impact on IP rights

National Rights (updated to decree-law no. 18/2020):

deadlines are suspended from 23 February 2020 until 15 April 2020, with no need to apply for the suspension;
certificates, permits, concessions and authorisations, however named, expiring between 31 January and 15 April 2020, will remain valid until 15 June 2020;
the deadline for the […]

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Coronavirus: impact on contracts

The Coronavirus emergency impacts  existing contracts in various ways, in particular for two reasons:

various regulatory provisions have been issued that prohibit or limit commercial and manufacturing activities;
even regardless of regulatory provisions, the epidemic may constitute a force majeure event, which does not allow the performance to be carried out […]

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