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EU Court of Justice redefines the neutrality of hosting providers

With the decision
of last October 3rd, the European Court of Justice (preliminary ruling C-18/18),
provided some clarifications on the interpretation of Article 15(1) of EC
Directive no. 2000/31. The provision lays down the principle of provider
neutrality by preventing Member States from imposing on Internet Service Providers
a general obligation to monitor stored […]

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EU General Court, T-215/17: the ‘Apple’ trademark cannot be confused with the ‘Pear’ trademark

With a recent judgement, the EU General Court ruled on the matter of visual and conceptual similarity between signs and, overturning EUIPO’s decision, found that the well-known Apple trademark and the Pear trademark (shown below) cannot be confused.

The dispute arose from Apple Inc’s opposition
to the application for registration of […]

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EUCJ, C‑614/17: a PDO can be infringed by images that evoke it suggestively

By Laura Spagnoli and Luigi Manna

With a decision dated 2 May 2019, the European Court of
Justice (C-614/17) ruled on three preliminary questions raised by the Tribunal Supremo (the Spanish Supreme
Court), concerning the interpretation of Article 13(1)(b) of Regulation EC no. 2006/510
in the matter of protection of designations of origin […]

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