European General Court

The EU General Court defends a three-dimensional trademark for bottles

By judgment of 3 October 2018 (T-313/17), the EU Court ruled on an interesting case concerning the distinctiveness of a three-dimensional trademark depicting the shape of a peculiar bottle.

These are the facts underlying the case. The german company Wajos GmbH filed an application for the registration of the three-dimensional […]

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Crocs’ design isn’t new, according to the General Court

On 14 March, the EU General Court ruled on case T-651/16 between the Crocs company, of the one part, and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the Gifi Diffusion company, of the other. The decision had a considerable echo, having declared the invalidity for prior disclosure of […]

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Lionel Messi is entitled to register his trademark, according to the General Court

On 26 April, the EU General Court (case T 554/14) upheld the appeal in which the well-known football player Lionel Messi challenged the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s (EUIPO) decision rejecting his application for the registration of the “MESSI” trademark shown below.

In essence, the player had filed an application […]

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The European General Court confirms the sanction against Intel for the abuse of their dominant position

(Written in collaboration with Alberto Bertella)

By judgment of 12 June 2014 in Case T-286/2009, the General Court of the European Union (“EGC”) dismissed Intel’s appeal against the decision of 13 May 2009, by which the European Commission (“EC”) had imposed a fine of EUR 1.06 billion on Intel […]

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