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Hyperlinks and communication to the public: AGCOM applies the Svensson CJEU’s case law and dismisses proceedings

(By Silvia Laitila) Application by Italian Communication Authority AGCOM (Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni) of the principle enunciated by the CJEU in the Svensson case has recently resulted in the dismissal of proceedings against an allegedly copyright-infringing website (decision No. 67/14/CSP). The proceedings started when an individual filed a […]

Mobile remote payments: more protection for users’ personal data under Italian new regulation

(By Silvia Laitila and Luigi Manna) The Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante della privacy) has issued new rules for processing the data of individuals who use so-called mobile remote payment services via smartphone, tablet or PC. The regulation (General order on the processing of personal data in the context of […]

Right to Oblivion and the Internet: a Recent Ruling of the Milan Court

A recent judgment of the Court of Milan (No. 5820/2013) on the so-called right to oblivion – or right to be forgotten – on the Internet, ordering a publisher to remove an old article from an on-line newspaper archive, provides a good starting point for an overview of the state […]

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