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ISP Liability: Yahoo! Wins the Rematch against R.T.I.

After (almost) exactly three years since a well-known Milan IP Court ruling settled a litigation between Yahoo! Italia and R.T.I.—the TV arm of the Mediaset group—in favour of the latter, the same Court, ruling on a new copyright infringement litigation between the same parties, issued a reverse decision, awarding […]

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Mobile remote payments: more protection for users’ personal data under Italian new regulation

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AGCOM strikes again against a torrent site

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The Court of Turin on the liability of Internet Service Providers

Over the last few years various legal cases, both at international and national (Italian) level, dealt with the liability of Internet Service Providers (“ISP”) for the illegal conduct of the service users. We have discussed the issue here, here and here on this blog.

The typical situation is where authors’ […]

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Italian Communications Authority issues Online Copyright Enforcement Regulation

(by Francesca Maculan)

With resolution no. 680/13/CONS of 12 December 2013, the Italian Communications Authority (ICA) unanimously adopted the final text of its Regulation concerning copyright protection on electronic communication networks” (hereafter the Regulation), aimed at opposing the spread of copyright infringement both on the web and within audiovisual media […]

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