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Trademark revocation: the EU General Court on proving the genuine use of trademark signs

A recent decision of the EU General Court (T-910/16 and T-911/16), for which an appeal is presently
pending before the EUCJ, ruled on the matter of trademark revocation and specified
the elements that a trademark owner must provide in order to prove its genuine use.

In the dispute discussed, Mr Hesse had […]

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EU General Court, T-215/17: the ‘Apple’ trademark cannot be confused with the ‘Pear’ trademark

With a recent judgement, the EU General Court ruled on the matter of visual and conceptual similarity between signs and, overturning EUIPO’s decision, found that the well-known Apple trademark and the Pear trademark (shown below) cannot be confused.

The dispute arose from Apple Inc’s opposition
to the application for registration of […]

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The EU General Court defends a three-dimensional trademark for bottles

(by Laura Spagnoli and Rocco Lanzavecchia)

By judgment of 3 October 2018 (T-313/17), the EU Court ruled on an interesting case concerning the distinctiveness of a three-dimensional trademark depicting the shape of a peculiar bottle.
These are the facts underlying the case. The german company Wajos GmbH filed an application for […]

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