Slavish imitation of competitors’ packaging: a decision from the Milan Tribunal

Judgment no. 8817/2015 of 17 July 2015 of the Business Matters Section of the Milan Tribunal is one of a long list of rulings by this Court on the imitation of the packaging of competitors’ products (such as those we discussed here and here).

The manufacturer of a renowned consumer […]

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Where trademarks fail, unfair competition may succour: Nestlé protects the “Galak” Easter egg line before the IP Court of Milan (Milan IP Court, Ruling no. 7026/2015, Nestlé Italiana v W.)

The Italian branch of the renowned Swiss multinational Nestlé has successfully defended its “Galak” branded line of white chocolate products before the IP Court of Milan, with particular focus on its Easter eggs.

Following interim proceedings in which it had already obtained a preliminary injunction, Nestlé filed a lawsuit for […]

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Distinctive Packaging, Unfair Competition and Damages: a Milan IP Court Ruling

The IP Court of Milan recently issued a ruling of some interest in the matter of distinctive packaging, unfair competition and related damages claims (ruling no. 11010/14 of 17/09/2014).
A primary Italian player in the potato chips market had filed a lawsuit against a direct competitor, claiming that the latter […]

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